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The Rugby Roots programme is focused on increasing participation in sport at the grass roots level. By using the core values of rugby, the Saracens brand and players we can engage and inspire young people to develop into rounded people and increase self confidence, communication, team work, respect, discipline and foster new friendships. Whilst rugby and the values of the game continue to be at the heart of our work, we have also developed a strand of work around participation in other sports such as athletics and dance. As well as igniting interest in sport amongst young children, we aim to encourage life long participation and enjoyment, focusing our attention on age groups where this drops off, whether that is amongst teenagers or the youngest participants.

 The benefits of sport on the human body and mind are widely documented, and this is something we promote in every aspect of our work. Many young people in the communities that we work in do not get the same opportunities to that most of us experience, and we strongly believe that by providing opportunities to participate in sport or physical activity we can develop more than just sports skills.

A range of targeted projects help us to work with individuals, groups and schools who are not from a traditional rugby playing background. By introducing them to the game we believe we can help contribute to achievement in all aspects of life, and help develop rounded people. We work with schools to help achieve on their targets around attendance, behaviour and cohesion.

“Our aim is to encourage as many children as possible to join their local clubs and play at grassroots level… this programme is the perfect platform for this.”

Justin Stockwell, Barnet Elizabethans RFC