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What is a Saracens Pioneer?

A pioneer for Saracens RFC is an individual who offers his/her time and services to the club on a voluntary/unpaid basis. They will volunteer within various departments where the club requires their support, particularly on match-day operations (the volunteers will be deployed as stewards at home games for example).

These volunteers will play a key role serving in different capacities during matches played at home. They will also assist in non match-day areas whereby pioneers will be given the opportunity the support our members of staff at the club’s various offices which include; the Administration Office, the Community Sports Foundation Office and the Training Ground.

Why the term Pioneer?

The term ‘pioneer’ commonly describes someone who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle. A pioneer may also be one who opens up new areas of thought, research and development. In essence, the term is defined as someone who leads the way – a trailblazer.


What is the main objective of this programme?

The ultimate objective is to improve the spectator experience at our home games through enhancing the family-orientated ethos on which the club has been established.

The pioneers participate directly in the club’s operations, particularly on a matchday. Their dedicated approach augment the welcoming, friendly and informing experience supporters enjoy.

What different roles are available as a Saracens Pioneer?

Saracens will be utilising the services of volunteers in the following two categories

• Match-day Operations

These pioneers fulfill important roles during match-days at the Saracens home games in areas such as spectator services, information services, ticketing, hospitality, media, logistics and general support. However the majority of pioneers will play their role under the Transport Management Plan task group as their key task will be to ensure the spectator experience in the outer perimeter of the stadium will be an enjoyable one.

• General

These pioneers will assist with other departments such as community development, administration and pioneer management (to name a few).

Will the volunteer be trained in order to carry out their responsibilities as a Saracens Pioneer?

Yes, before a volunteer will be able to call themselves a Pioneer, they will need to go through a specially designed training scheme. This will include elements such as match day operations. Specific training in order to understand your responsibility, the area of operation, general information about the club, the venue and the role they will play will also form part of their preparations to take on their role as a Saracens Pioneer.


What will be expected if chosen as a Pioneer?

Attend all training, be available on the required days as scheduled and have an unwavering commitment to the club. The volunteer will also be expected to enhance the vision of the club through transforming spectators into supporters by allowing them to feel welcome and at home. The volunteer will also have an opportunity to work and make friends with people of different backgrounds, ages and interests.

Will Pioneers be able to watch Saracens play?

No seats will be allocated to pioneers when they are operational. As the pioneers form part of the match-day operations, they will be expected to act accordingly. However, each Pioneer will of course have the opportunity to watch Saracens play rugby at their home ground if they are not scheduled to volunteer (see below for further information regarding this).

Will there be any other provisions/incentives for a Saracens Pioneer?

Saracens offer no financial remuneration however the volunteer will receive the following:

• Be able to watch Saracens play at home when not scheduled to volunteer

• Meals whilst volunteering.

• A unique place to call home at the stadium during the day.

• A uniform to wear when operational.

• A transport allowance.

• A certificate of appreciation after the season for being part of the team.


How do I gain more information about the programme?

If you are interested in the programme and would like to be further informed, please contact Saracens through sending the club an email to the below address (thereby you will be the first to know when the recruitment process is launched). It will also be announced on the Saracens website.

To contact us regarding further information/application details for the next season, please email us at the following address: