Saracens - Allianz Park to host autistic sports club

Mar 19, 2013

Allianz Park to host autistic sports club

Allianz Park opened its doors on Monday to the children of Amwell View School and Sports College.

The school caters for pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties aged between 2 and 19 years, and the Saracens Sports Foundation provided the youngsters with a variety of sporting and physical challenges throughout the day.

Saracens Sports Foundation Manager Sam Fulling outlined the purpose of the visit: “Today’s about us getting our Autism program up and started; we’ve had a group come in from Amwell View School to use the facilities here at Allianz Park.  The guys have come in and taken part in a variety of different activities including basic running, jumping and throwing.  It’s really about giving the children as much physical activity as possible”

He added: “The plan is very much to have The Monday Club, where we will run an evening club for anybody with Autism to come along to be able to participate in sport and group exercises.”

Allianz Park aims to be at the heart of the local community, and Stadium Director Gordon Banks outlined the importance of the club reaching out to the local community.

Banks said: “We’ve always said from the very outset that one of the main aims of the stadium is to reach out and bring as many people in from the community that surrounds us here, and the Autistic sports club is one of those. 

Banks continued: “Just spending time with the kids, and having the chance to learn about their behaviours, what they enjoy and some of things that they struggled with will really help us to develop a sports club that can meet their needs and really add value to them.”

It was a great day all round, and Amwell View School teacher Penny Warner spoke of a great experience enjoyed by all;

“It’s just fantastic.  The whole environment is brilliant for the kids and the way Saracens have provided a number of specialist staff to work with the children in separate groups has been great.  The kids have engaged really well and the whole day has been a great experience.”

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