Saracens - Bermuda Governor praises Saracens visit

Jun 07, 2014

Bermuda Governor praises Saracens visit

Bermuda's Governor Mr. George Fergusson has welcomed Saracens visit to the island and has praised the clubs work with helping the Beyond Rugby project.

"It's been fantastic," said Bermuda's 88th Governor and Commander-in-Chief who was speaking at a touch rugby tournament earlier this week.

"Having Saracens coming over to Bermuda regularly has meant that we have built a relationship with each other and I think that Saracens have become Bermuda's adopted other team which is nice.

He added; "Getting out into schools has been superb. The National sports here are cricket and soccer so there have been some very clever programmes to get boys into rugby and out of things that are not so good.  Saracens visits are fast becoming the real carrots for these programme to succeed, and the club have really contributed to making them work."

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