2019-20 Rugby Camps Ticket Options

Dear Supporter,

We hope you are safe and well.

As a purchaser of a 2019/20 cancelled Saracens rugby camp we have provided a number of options for your camp place, including a full refund.

The impact of COVID 19 on the professional rugby community has placed all clubs in a precarious financial position, so if you are able to support Saracens by donating your refund to support the club at this difficult time, we would be extremely grateful.

Alternatively, if you are able to select 115% of the value of your Rugby Camp purchase as Club Credit (in the form of Rewards4Rugby points) in lieu of a refund this will also help to alleviate the financial pressure on the club.

Club Credit can be spent with us over the next 24 months on Rugby Camp places, match tickets or Saracens merchandise from the Club Shop.

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