About the Pioneers

The Pioneer programme was established when Saracens moved to the stadium in 2013 and is now an integral part of the wider ‘Saracens Family’, playing an essential role in making the StoneX Stadium one of the most welcoming and friendly rugby venues in Europe.

The primary responsibility of the Pioneers is for the safety of all spectators and visitors and to the stadium on a match day. It is a requirement for every Pioneer on the programme to have, or work towards, an NVQ level 2 qualification in Spectator Safety.

There are numerous match day roles for Pioneers in five different areas:
• At local transport hubs and the stadium approaches: meeting, greeting, and providing directions for supporters at the local stations and bus stops
• At the stadium entrances: meeting, greeting, ticket checking at the gates, providing disability support, and directions to stands
• In the fan zones: welcoming and interacting with home and visiting supporters, assisting and providing directions to the stadium facilities
• In the stadium bowl: assisting with seating block directions for spectators heading to the stands, managing queues, monitoring crowd behaviour and addressing safety aspects
• In the guest and hospitality areas: meeting, welcoming, and providing directions to guest and hospitality areas
Spectator safety is an overriding priority for all areas, with Pioneers serving as the primary ‘eyes and ears’ for the professional security and safety services on duty in the stadium.

All Pioneer roles are extremely important in enhancing the match day experience for spectators attending a game. The role that the programme plays is vital and a highly visible part of the Saracens brand. The programme is highly valued throughout the club and its fan-base, and has been a springboard for voluntary schemes at other sports venues.

With Saracens returning to Premiership Rugby for the 2021/22 season and the development of a brand new, state-of-the-art stand on the west side of the StoneX Stadium, exciting times are ahead and this is driving a demand for us to extend our pool of volunteers!

Becoming a Pioneer

We look for individuals who are:
• Reliable, friendly, engaging and professional
• Able to demonstrate good interpersonal, good communication and good customer service skills
• Relentlessly positive, responsible, adaptable and energised at all times
• Enjoy working in a team environment
• Supportive and sensitive to the needs of staff, supporters and fellow Pioneers
• Able to protect and abide by the Saracens’ core values of honesty, discipline, humility and a strong work ethic

We expect our Pioneers to be available for approximately 50% of the 16 home games in a season and to be prepared to work towards achieving an NVQ level 2 qualification in Spectator Safety. Home games are on Saturdays or Sundays and the shift duration is typically between 5 and 6 hours. Uniform, food and drink vouchers are provided as well as limited travel expenses. A respite area is available for breaks.

The effort and commitment that the Pioneers give to the club throughout the season is recognised with celebratory events and other incentives in order to thank them and to encourage them to return to us season after season.

If you are interested in becoming a Pioneer, please complete the Pioneer application form on our Volunteer Management System. Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch with you to progress your application.

Alternatively, if you want to know more about the programme, or you know anybody else who might be interested in joining the Pioneer team, please email pioneers@saracens.net.

Pioneers vision

We set high standards at all times and have, since inception in January 2013, become the envy of many and a springboard for voluntary schemes at other sports venues. Pioneers are highly valued throughout the club and its fan-base. A travelling fan mentioned ‘your Pioneers, stewards, guys on the gates and fans were the most welcoming we have met! We chatted and joked with many and felt very welcome!’.

The Saracens’ Pioneers are a unique resource that draws on best practice for crowd safety management, in conjunction with a level of customer service that is, we believe, unmatched at any other sport venue. One supporter said ‘back in icy March we sat behind the posts with snow sliding off the roof onto us and my mother (73) was feeling the cold. The Pioneer in front of us offered to go and buy her a hot chocolate. Excellent chap’.

The Pioneer Vision was born out of the above and is used as the foundation of the most hard working, innovative and caring rugby organisation in the world, the Pioneers will…

  • Be a trusted group of friends whose focus is the delivery of a unique and outstanding spectator experience
  • Treat all spectators and visitors with respect, honesty and humility
  • Undertake designated match day roles in a reliable, friendly and responsible manner, putting spectator safety as a priority
  • Critically and constructively reflect on our own pursuits of personal excellence
  • Be relentlessly positive, exceptional and energised at all times