Saracens - DDP Coaching Opportunity - Essex

Jun 30, 2015

DDP Coaching Opportunity - Essex

Saracens Academy are looking to expand the number of coaches in the Developing Player Programme (DPP) in Essex.

The programme aims to deliver coaching to the best 13-16 year old players from Essex clubs and schools. We are seeking highly motivated coaches who are going to be utilised in the following roles:

Head Coaches

Assistant Coaches

Team Managers

The roles are on a voluntary basis, coaches will receive Saracens kit and access to CPD. Ideally coaches will have a Level 2 qualification, but willingness to learn is the most important thing.

We will be running two DPP centres in Essex next season, one south, one north with the overall aim of increasing participation levels in the DPP programme and engaging the whole county. Sessions take place on the 1st Sunday of each month.

As part of the support package, on the 25th and 26th July Essex rugby will be delivering a conference with a specific focus for the County and DPP coaches, Day One has a focus on the style and type of coach we would like to work within the county, Day Two has a focus on assessments from applications.

Day 1 – Saturday 25th July 2015

Session 1 The Master Talent Coach – Martin Mactaggart

Stuart will share examples and provide evidence from the world of sports science and talent research to enable coaches with passion and dedication to identify improvements that they could make to their role as a Talent Development coach.

Inside and Outside Practical

Session 2 The Skill Acquisition Environment – Rick Shuttleworth

Ric's will share his philosophy based on the 'Game Sense' or perhaps more accurately the 'Constraints Led' model of coaching. He will suggest that skill should never be developed outside of a game like training environment.


Session 3 Developing adherence/resilience in talented athletes – Mark Bennett MBE

How coaches can use effective communication strategies to work with player’s to develop adherence to training programmes and competitive strategies and tactics, challenging existing coaching practices and reflecting on how we do things currently. Are we just telling them what to do or are they actively able to choose their own path having been guided to the right approach for them.

Inside and Outside Practical

Session 4 The Saracens Way – Don Barrell

Day 2 – Sunday 26th July 2015

Session 5 Coach Assessments – RFU/CB/Saracens

If you would like to be apply to coach on the DPP programme next season please send your CV through to and register for the weekend by clicking here.

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