Saracens - Foundation - Shine Community Garden

SHINE is a Garden Project that will be based at Allianz Park engaging a wide range of local vulnerable groups to engage in gardening and growing in a dedicated working garden.

SHINE will create a bespoke space that will include separate areas for growing produce, growing plants and fauna, a sensory plant and flower area and a multi-purpose learning space. It will also offer vocational gardening qualifications leading to accredited educational, training and employability skills.

SHINE will engage, inspire and benefit the diverse Barnet community. It will bring positive changes to the lives of those people who are living with a disability, ill health, local older people, disadvantaged or vulnerable and local primary school children in Barnet.

SHINE will develop further strands of work around social and therapeutic horticulture which will be used to improve physical and mental health giving participants better life chances and access to training and development to improve their life skills, attitudes, behaviours leading to healthier more active community.

We will work with a wide group of the Barnet and North London community using the therapeutic power of gardening to help vulnerable groups gain confidence, build self-esteem and motivation as well as creating new social networks. This project will also have a direct impact on the local environment by creating a better local green space. 

For more information please contact: Emily Neilan | Senior Development Manager | Heatlth & Wellbeing | Tel: 0203 675 7244 | Email: