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Sarries In my School: Dance provides dance services to help schools increase their dance provision. Our services are always tailored to the school’s and participants’ needs.

Extra-Curricular: Dance clubs within schools are a large and integral part of our work. We can organise breakfast, lunch and after school clubs in many dance genres. The classes can be regular or one-off. The most popular is Cheerleading. These classes can be regular or one-off workshops.

Curricular and Cross Curricular: Sarries In My School can provide many types of curricular dance, PPA cover and GCSE/AS/A level practical session support. Classes can be tailored to the school’s or class’ current topic or theme. Some of our dance facilitators are fully trained school teachers who are available on a freelance basis so you never have to worry about teaching quality.

Days of Dance: Days of Dance provide dance classes throughout the day for different age groups to help raise the profile of leading an active and healthy lifestyle. They include a whole school assembly and a further 6 hours of dance tuition.

Performances and Events: We can provide a choreographer to make up a dance for your school performance, school fair or musical.

Smart Moves: This is a course based on the PE curriculum for younger school-age children who are falling behind age-related expectations in terms of their gross motor skills.It aims to: Improve core strength, coordination, balance, muscular strength and other related skills that are vital to children in order to perform everyday functions such as dressing, moving successfully around a classroom and sitting at a table. Provide the foundation on which to develop the fine motor skills required for writing, drawing, cutting etc. Give children the confidence and desire to participate in PE, sports and playground games.

Teacher Training: Teacher training is tailored to the school’s and teacher’s needs. Training can be an Inset Training Day or evening. We can help a teacher prepare a specific scheme of lessons or come to your school and deliver a fun inset day focused on KS1, KS2 or KS3 dance.

If you would like to know more information about this project, please contact: Justine Fry | Community Dance Officer | Tel: 0203 675 7243 | Email: