Saracens - dfsssFoundation - School of Cheer

Saracens School of Cheer is an inclusive community cheerleading programme which reaches many locations across North London and Hertfordshire.

Our School of Cheer classes focus on competitive all-star cheerleading which is an athletic activity that combines elements of gymnastic tumbling, stunts, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and dance.

All Star Cheerleading is a great way for children and young adults both male and female to improve fitness and coordination as well as developing confidence and self-esteem, along with positive life skills, personal values, sportsmanship and team work.

Our classes are open from the age of 6 to 18 years with teams starting at mini to senior divisions with both competitive and recreational teams. Saracens Sport Foundation School of Cheer aim to help give all our athletes the best start and grounding for their future through sport, while helping them reach their full potential and aim for the highest successes in and out of cheer.  

If you would like to know more information about this cheerleading, please contact: Lianne Gabbey | Community Dance Manager & Saracens School of Cheer Coordinator | Tel: 0203 675 7246 | Email: