Saracens - Global Network preview

Aug 29, 2014

Global Network preview

Some of Saracens nine Global Network sides are in action across the globe this weekend.

Abu Dhabi Saracens

Currently in pre-season.

Impala Saracens, Nairobi

It’s Sevens season in Kenya and Impala Saracens are playing in the Prinsloo 7's,  in the penultimate leg of the Safaricom 7s series.

KL Saracens

In pre-season.

Lelo Saracens, Tbilisi

Lelo Saracens Tbilisi play against Kharebi Rustavi in Tbilisi.

Moscow Saracens

Moscow Saracens travel to Krasnoyarsk to play the second placed side Krasny Yar.

Sao Paulo Saracens

This weekend sees São Paulo Saracens face Curitiba, who are ten points ahead of São Paulo Saracens in the Super 10 competition.

Seattle Saracens

In pre-season

Timisoara Saracens

Timisoara Saracens have a break this weekend in preparation for their home semi-final. Timisoara Saracens will then face the winners of this weekend’s Constanta v Steaua play-off match.

Toa Saracens

Toa Saracens face local rivals Havelu this weekend.



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