Saracens - Global Network Preview

Sep 19, 2014

Global Network Preview

Abu Dhabi Saracens

In pre-season.

Impala Saracens, Nairobi

Currently in preseason training for Floodlit 2014, a fifteen a side tournament.

KL Sarcacens, Kuala Lumpur

In pre-season.

Lelo Saracens, Tblisi

The Georgian league is still on a break as the Tbilisi Caucasions are still in the qualifying stages for the European Challenge Cup.

Moscow Saracens

Waiting on draw for the Russian Cup.

São Paulo Saracens

After a huge win and confidence boost last week, São Paulo Saracens have a weekends rest while the competition breaks for one week

Seattle Saracens

Seattle Saracens will be looking to continue their blistering start to the Mainland Cup group stage when they face Meraloma this weekend.

Timisoara Saracens

After a third place finish in this years league, Timisoara Saracens are taking a well deserved break.

Toa Saracens

On Tuesday Toa Saracens played against the Marist Brothers winning 24-17 to finish fourth in the Tongan Premier League Competition. The victory cemented Toa Saracens' place in the top eight playoffs. This week they have a huge playoff match against the Tongan Army.

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