Saracens - Global Network Preview

Sep 26, 2014

Global Network Preview

Abu Dhabi Saracens – The UAE Premiership starts in earnest this weekend with Abu Dhabi Saracens travelling to Dubai to play Dubai Exiles in the national sevens stadium.

Impala Saracens – Currently in fifteen a side preseason. Four Impala Saracens players have been selected for the Kenyan national sevens team to play in the Gold Coast 7′s this weekend

Kuala Lumpur – Currently in preseason.

Lelo Saracens – The Georgian league is currently on a break whilst European qualification is taking place.

Moscow Saracens - Moscow Saracens have a break in their season after finishing third in the Russian Championship. Next up is the the Russian Cup. Moscow Saracens await the draw to find out who they will face in round 1.

São Paulo Saracens – This weekend is the penultimate match of the season for São Paulo Saracens. They face a big uphill battle as they welcome the current league leaders São Jose to São Paulo. São Jose are seven places and twenty three points ahead of São Paulo in the league.

Seattle Saracens – This weekend Seattle Saracens travel away to play Abbotsford.

Timisoara Saracens – Timisoara Saracens take a short break in their season until the Romanian Cup starts on the 1st October when they will play Stiinta Petrosani at home.

Toa Saracens – This week they have a huge top eight playoff match against the Tongan Army. Two Toa Saracens players have been selected for the Tongan national sevens team to play in the Gold Coast 7′s this weekend.

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