Saracens - Global Network Review

Sep 01, 2014

Global Network Review

A number of the Saracens Global Network teams featured over the weekend, here's a round-up of all the action.

Abu Dhabi Saracens

In pre-season.

Impala Saracens, Nairobi

In the penultimate leg of the Safaricom 7's Impala Saracens replicated their bowl winning success from last weekend by securing the Prinsloo 7's bowl.

Day one started with two losses and left Impala Saracens needing to win the final group match to reach the bowl competition. A huge 41-0 win over Mombasa was a welcomed return to form.

During the knock out stages of the bowl competition, Impala Saracens beat Masaku then Kisumu and Nondies in the final, scoring 102 points and only conceding 12 points along the way.

Kuala Lumpur

In pre-season.

Lelo Saracens, Tbilisi 

Lelo Saracens (pictured) welcomed league leaders Kharebi Rustabi in round three of the Georgian league. A close match resulted in a stalemate with the sides finishing with 22 points a-piece. Lelo Saracens are now third in the table on ten points, still unbeaten, two points behind new leaders Wissol Kochebi.

Moscow Saracens

Moscow Saracens came away with a try scoring bonus point as they were beaten 42-26 by Krasny Yar. Moscow Saracens now sit in third place with two rounds left of the play offs.

São Paulo Saracens

São Paulo Saracens faced an in-form Curitiba side at the weekend, where they were comprehensively beaten 22-0. São Paulo Saracens now find themselves third from bottom in the league on six points.

Seattle Saracens

In pre-season.

Timisoara Saracens

Timisoara Saracens had a free weekend as they waited to see who their Super Liga CEC Bank semi-final opponents would be. Constanta beat Steaua 17-16, so will now travel to Timisoara Saracens this weekend.

Toa Saracens

Toa Saracens lost 13-17 to local rivals Havelu.

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