Saracens - Global Network Update

Jul 22, 2014

Global Network Update

Only one team of the Saracens Global Network was in action this weekend , as Timisoara Saracens, from Romania took to the field against Constanta.

The teams have had their summer break and this was their first game back. Before the match Timisoara Saracens and Constanta sat second and third, respectively, in the Super Liga CEC Bank.

Timisoara Saracens were the better team with the ball scoring two tries, however it was ill discipline that cost the team, as Constanta kicked seven penalties to ultimately edge the contest.

Final result: Constanta 21 - 15 Timisoara Saracens.

This meant Constanta moved to second in the league, one point ahead of Timisoara Saracens. The top of the table now looks like this:

1st Baia Mare 38 points.

2nd Constanta’s 34 points.

3rd Timisoara Saracens 33 points.

Upcoming Global Network fixtures:

Timisoara Saracens vs CSM Bucuresti (Super Liga 2014)

Moscow Saracens vs Krasny Yar (Russian Premiership)

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