Saracens - Goode - Just an exhilarating feeling

Aug 29, 2013

Goode - Just an exhilarating feeling

Alex Goode was one Saracens Skydivers yesterday, as the classy full-back along with his fellow teammates and colleagues from the club took to the Nottinghamshire skies to raise money for the Afghanistan Trust.

“I felt quite relaxed at first” explained Goode.

“Everyone seemed to be chilled - and I must admit I was still feeling pretty calm, but then you get to about 10,000 feet, then 11,000 feet you start breathe a little bit heavier and the nerves begin to kick in, and then at 12,000 feet, when they open the cabin door, you really are a nervous wreck.”

“As the door opened I could hear Chris Ashton’s knees banging together” revealed the 25 year old, “then he shouted ‘what the hell are we doing this for!’ He was a nervous as the rest us”.

Speaking about the dive Goode said; “The instructor tips you out of the plane and that first part is like going over a bridge, when it gets your stomach a little bit, well it was similar to that feeling but multiplied by a million.”

“It was just exhilarating and unbelievable feeling - we really enjoyed the experience and we hope that we have raised some money for what is a great cause”.

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