Saracens - Gustard 'can't wait' for the S Factor

Mar 16, 2015

Gustard 'can't wait' for the S Factor

Saracens coaches Paul Gustard and Don Barrell are eagerly anticipating the S Factor trials, which will take place across the country in March and April.

Gustard was central to the S Factor concept and has spoken of his excitement ahead of the trial dates:

"I love the idea that there is a hidden gem out there, a rough diamond that is yet to be unearthed; or someone that missed their chance through circumstance or misfortune.

"In thinking of the concept this was at the forefront of my mind, and we hope to use this as a platform to give an individual or individuals an opportunity to join one of Europe's leading rugby clubs. It's an exciting concept for players who feel they have got what it takes and have a genuine chance to be involved with a professional club."

Gustard added: "I for one, can't wait to see who comes, and who that person or persons will be!"

Saracens academy manager Don Barrell will also be keeping an eye out for the talent: "Players miss opportunities for all sorts of reasons and this is the stage for them to show they have the S Factor required to join Saracens.

"We are hoping to find the late developers who missed out on academies, the players who were injured and missed trials or got released. There are sportsmen in other fields who may have excelled there and had some previous rugby experience, we are looking for those who think they can transfer into professional rugby.

"It's exciting to see who will turn up and take this opportunity."

To register for the S Factor email your name, age, position and rugby CV to

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