Saracens - Guy’s Sleeping Success

May 08, 2015

Guy’s Sleeping Success

Guy is 13 and has a complex (severe) form of ADHD, he has been a member of Sarrie’s RFC since April.

Sarrie’s RFC is an extension of Sarrie’s Skills Club, focusing on participants with high functioning disabilities. Sarrie’s RFC engages the members through tag rugby specific skills and games. Sarrie’s RFC looks to enhance not only the FUNdementals of tag rugby but also look further afield to work on essential life skills that sport can bring. E.g. communication and social interaction. Sarrie’s RFC also provide a Parent respite facility during the session where parents can relax and enjoy some complimentary refreshments.

Since Guy’s time at Sarrie’s RFC, Guy has found a new love for Rugby and in particular Saracens. Due to Guy’s condition his sleep pattern is very sporadic which can affect his behaviour which takes its toll on his parents, Allan and Les. His parents have discovered that "every Monday night after Sarrie’s RFC, Guy now sleeps all the way to 6:30am". This sleep is not only crucial to Guy but also to both of his Parents for a well-deserved rest.

Guy works harder at school to get a daily good report so that he will then be given his reward which is to go to his Monday rugby club. Guy's personality has really become much stronger since joining the Sarries RFC. Guy enjoys the interaction with the staff and the other children who meet up once a week.

For Guy, it is the treat of the week, to start the week knowing that he has got rugby on Monday afternoon.

Keep up the good work Guy!

For more information on Sarries RFC please contact Tomas Gamage:

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