Saracens - Happy Mondays at Allianz Park!

Oct 02, 2013

Happy Mondays at Allianz Park!

The Saracens Sport Foundation attended a prestigious awards ceremony on Monday night at Wembley Stadium, to receive a grant from the newly established Wembley National Stadium Trust.

The two year grant from the Trust is to support the development of the Foundation’s Monday Club, a pioneering project that supports those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families, with a focus on those with severe autism. The club will provide sport and activities for participants, focusing on individual activities and movements for a group who do not usually get the opportunity.

After months of planning the club has started with a bang; recruiting fantastic volunteers, staff, club members and their families. The Allianz Park facilities fit perfectly, with plenty of space, state of the art sports equipment and comfortable space for families to have a break.

The first phase of the club saw participants introduced to the new environment, with the sensory overload issues (new smells, face’s, space, noises, and routines), as well as ensuring all volunteers are at ease with the process. One parent stated “I am so impressed to how well Viviana has settled into this new environment, it is fantastic to see”

The Monday Club which in addition to the Wembley National Stadium Trust, has been supported by the Lloyds TSB Foundation, Help a Capital Child and The Bailey Thomas Charitable Trust, will continue to grow and develop, with the aim that we will create a sense of belonging, and contribute to a better quality of life for the participants and their families.

We are still seeking both new participants and volunteers for the Club, so to get involved please contact Owain Davies on 0203 6757243.

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