Saracens - HITZ Participants Praise Programme

Oct 01, 2014

HITZ Participants Praise Programme



The core theory behind HITZ is to target young people in London that are at risk of social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. This has proven to be exceptionally valuable across the city through the use of rugby and its values.

HITZ has now launched free multi-sport sessions within Barnet, focusing on participation, active lifestyles and community interaction. We aim to keep kids engaged through sport and steer them away from crime and troublesome behaviour with these sessions running in the parks and estates all around Barnet.

HITZ participation sessions have been steadily growing over the summer. We have consistently had 10-15 participants at each of the 3 weekly sessions, with a record number of 32 young people at our Stonegrove Park session.

As rugby continues to grow within the community, HITZ participation sessions are at the fore front of social change and engagement across Barnet. We have had fantastic match day experiences at Twickenham (Double Header) and at Allianz Park vs Sale where our young people were the Guard of honour and held the big Saracens Shirts before the match.

Along with providing these fantastic multi-sport rugby base sessions, we are assisting young people’s transition into local rugby clubs to play at an even higher level of competitiveness. To date, we have successfully integrated Tariq, Adam and Kusai from Stonegrove Park into the Barnet Colts team and they represented the club for the first time 28th September.

These 3 young men have been newly introduced to the culture and ethos of rugby and within a short space of time have grown to love the game with Tariq quoting "it is the best sporting experience of my life! The game is challenging but rewarding and being at the stadium, the atmosphere is friendly and exciting”.

For more information on the HITZ participation sessions contact or on 07825868761

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