Saracens - In-form Kruis 'merited' selection - Lancaster

Oct 22, 2014

In-form Kruis 'merited' selection - Lancaster

England head coach Stuart Lancaster, and forwards coach Graham Rowntree, have praised Saracens lock forward George Kruis’ form after they named the 24-year-old  in England’s 33-man squad for the 2014 QBE internationals.

Speaking at today’s media conference Lancaster said; “As you’ve seen, over the last few weeks there have been a few injuries and we have a couple of guys missing, but we are excited about the form of the lads who have been selected are in - particularly George Kruis, who has really merited this selection.”

Lancaster’s scrummaging and forwards coach Graham Rowntree added; “We’re delighted for George. We would have liked to have looked at him in the summer for the New Zealand tour, but he was injured then. He's been in very good form this season, and we’ve been watching him for a couple of years.

“He’ll slot straight into what we do as he has a huge game out-put, on top of a very good lineout. I want him to come in and challenge those established guys, and we’ll pick the best three for our match day squad."

Rowntree went on to say; “He’s consistently shown some good form this season. There are other guys who have missed out, like Christian Day and Graham Kitchener, but consistently since the start of the season George has been playing really well, and I’m really looking forward to be working with him.”


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