Saracens - Joubert delighted to straighten things out

Apr 19, 2013

Joubert delighted to straighten things out

Saracens victory over Ulster attracted plenty of headlines, but one player received plenty of attention after the match and it wasn’t necessarily for his performance on the pitch.

While Ernst Joubert and the rest of the squad delivered one of the performances of the season, it was the No.8s nose that was the centre of attention – especially on twitter.

Joubert suffered a bad break that almost had him joining the likes of Steve Ogrizovic, Steve Bruce, Mike Tindall and Andy Farrell as one of the most famous misshaped noses in the sporting world, but thankfully, things have been straightened out – quite literally.

“I’m not on twitter, so I suppose it’s funny to see my nose going viral,” said Joubert.  “It’s quite amusing actually, that when you speak to people they all seem to have seen the photo of my nose, so I guess it’s had enough re-tweets and it’s been in the media enough.

“I didn’t think it looked that bad to be honest but obviously judging by the reaction it shocked a few people.

“My missus was a little shocked seeing my nose the way it was, but luckily I went straight to the hospital to get it fixed and put back into place, and by the time I got home it wasn’t as bad as when I left the field against Ulster, so she was happy.”

Joubert makes his first return to action this weekend starting at Number 8 at Kingsholm, and he is confident ahead of his return;

“It’s been two weeks now since I’ve had it put back in place so I’m really looking forward to the match.”

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