Saracens - KL Saracens Benefit from Rugby Development Visit

Oct 02, 2014

KL Saracens Benefit from Rugby Development Visit

Last week Saracens Rugby Development Officer Lewis Sones had weeks trip touring Malaysia with KL Saracens senior club officials, taking the time to work with players and coaches from local schools and KL Saracens.

After four days on the road in the north of Malaysia in the city of IPOH, Lewis arrived back in KL on Wednesday to coach  Kuala Lumpur Saracens across both senior and juniors.

On Thursday morning Lewis traveled to the local SMSS school to work with the under thirteen and fourteens teams. The session was geared towards game sense and decision making. The boys work rate was amazing and showed a huge amount of talent.

The next destination was Gomback to visit Sekola School, again to work with the under thirteen and fourteen teams. Sekola school is passionate about rugby and currently promotes the sport to all its pupils through the head mistress who is a huge fan of the sport..

Lewthen returned to Kuala Lumpur Saracens and the under elevens. The group had some boys who were new to rugby so the session had to include basic aspects but things all players need reminding of. Communication and using space to create holes in defenses were the first port of call.

Lewis, Saracens Rugby Development Officer, said “The group worked hard and listened enabling them to get the most out of the session, I was impressed by the amount of talent here in KL, there are some players to watch for the future”.

Next stop was Malaka Paya Rumput primary school. He had a session with sixty eight players from four age groups. The groups were split over four pitches with eight teams so the kids could play some rugby and conditioning games. Lewis said, “It was by far the most players I have ever coached in one go but it was great to see them all running around with smiles on their faces with a rugby ball in hand.”

Friday saw a visit to to Malaka high school where the players are very new to the game. Working on very basic passing and using small games to help them understand importance of space and quality of pass.

Saturday was spent with the KL Saracens under twelves with structured games looking at their communication and team work rate on and off the ball. Their was also a focus on the boys expressing themselves on the field and to be confident with the ball. It was fun session with lots of energy in the hottest day of the week.

The last day was not only coaching players but also educating coaches on how to structure a session. He used the under sixteen players to show the importance of how to develop the game through gameplay and session structure. It started with some fun multi directional games focusing on special awareness, then broke into some skills work.

Lewis - “I had a fantastic week with some really great people. It was a great chance to see the development of rugby throughout different areas in Malaysia and not just in the city of Kuala Lumpur. I was hugely impressed with the overall passion from every school and coach I visited for building the game with the younger players, and to grow the sport more in the country.The work KL Saracens are doing to promote this was very evident and impressed me in a huge way with the commitment of the work with the game and players that is taking place.”

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