Saracens - Laverstoke visit can 'benefit' players performance

Jul 11, 2013

Laverstoke visit can 'benefit' players performance

Saracens Team Manager JP O’Reilly believes Saracens trip to Laverstoke Park Farm will go a long way to aiding the team’s performances on the field this year.

Speaking at yesterday's trip, the newly appointed Team Manager said“Today’s been absolutely brilliant”.

“Not only has the day been an educational tool for everyone it is actually good to see how all the nutritional expertise they have here at Laverstoke Park can help and benefit the lads when they step out onto the field.

“It has been a really interesting day and there was some very good food eaten at the barbeque and a lot of ice cream I hasten to add, but don’t tell that Phil Morrow” laughed O’Reilly who has recently joined Saracens backroom staff.

“Getting the nutritional side of things right at the club is essential” added the former Leeds and Leicester scrum-half O’Reilly. ”It can’t be accentuated high enough just how important it is and that’s why when you come down here and see them micro-differences that Laverstoke’s produce is going to hopefully make to the players performance both on the field and the training paddock.

O’Reilly explained how the quality of food Laverstoke Park produce is essential in the players performances; “It really is essential that these guys get the right fuel; I suppose it is very much like the classic car analogy that ‘you wouldn’t put diesel in a Ferrari’ and effectively the bottom line is that’s how it works with athletes at this level of professional sport.

“It was good to speak to the doctors in the labs and be introduced to the methodology and thinking that these people have in an abundance to go behind producing such high class produce and I think it has been important and worthwhile that the whole squad was here today to see how those little differences can go a long way to improving their performance”.


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