Saracens - Marathon Marvels

Apr 14, 2014

Marathon Marvels

Several Saracens staff and fans hobbled into work this morning having raised more than £15,000 for the Saracens Sports Foundation in yesterday’s London Marathon.

Saracens Training ground staff Jen Crooke and George Morgan were two of 12 runners in this year’s event that included Richard Roberts-Jones, Richard Blackwell, Klaus Thorsen, David Griffiths, Casper Carter, Edita Tarvydiate, Araby McClintock, Nick Thompson, Donna Irwin and Tim Stokes who all completed the race to raise the magnificent sum of over £15,000 which is still getting bigger.

Saracens fan Richard Blackwell was exhausted but elated at the end of the race “It was painful, and if I were to sit down I’m not sure I’d get back up again. But it was completely worth it, what an experience.”

The runners were putting themselves through 26.2 miles of pain and mental torment in aid of raising funds for the Saracens Sports Foundation. The Foundation aims to change young people’s lives through the power of sport; running projects for autistic young people, disadvantaged and at risk young people, and providing education and employability pathways for those in need of alternative education. Using the Saracens Rugby Club ethos and values, they bring structure and challenge to the lives of young people in some of the most challenging parts of North London and Hertfordshire.

Sam Fulling Foundation Manager “I am proud to have had all these fantastic people running the Marathon for the Foundation, what an amazing effort. They have put themselves through a huge challenge, which hopefully they have not only enjoyed but have been able to raise money which will make a huge difference. The money raised can hopefully help more young people with challenging circumstances participate in sport and through the Saracens Sports Foundation; the money we raised can be put to good use.

The runners and their times; Jen Crooke - 04:46:39; George Morgan - 04:45:53; Richard Roberts-Jones - 03:10:38; Richard Blackwell - 04:28:04; Klaus Thorsen - 05:15:48; David Griffiths - 04:04:13; Casper Carter – TBC; Edita Tarvydaite - 03:42:58; Araby McClintock - 03:34:54; Nick Thompson - 06:06:31; Donna Irwin - 04:55:18; and Tim Stokes - 4:36:20.

Fundraising total to date: £15,769.20 and climbing!

Please visit to donate to the Foundation or any of our fantastic runners.


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