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Oct 05, 2016

Angie Loves to Dance

Angie Holmes has a long history with dance. She danced all through her childhood years, and then as a PE teacher was able to draw on her experience to teach dance within PE in schools and as part of teacher training. She attended classes and danced with amateur groups, however, 20 years ago gave it all up due to family commitments. Once retired, she felt she was too old to return back to dancing.

She tried many activity sessions, from step classes to swimming, as keeping fit was always so important. However, her desire to be creative and perform could not be fulfilled. Just over 3 years ago she saw an advert for Pilates, as part of the Love to Move programme run by Saracens Sport Foundation. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it may be, this class was full and she was persuaded to try out one of our ‘Love to Dance’ classes. Within two weeks Angie was performing in front of 10,000 people at the foundation match day at Allianz Park, and the rest is history!

As Angie gained confidence and fell in love with dancing again, she added two more Love to Dance classes to her week and was soon working towards performing at Wembley Stadium as well as in three routines at the Christmas party. She was so inspired by this that she found a local contemporary class too and so was then dancing 4 times a week!

In January 2015, Angie decided to increase her weekly activity again, this time venturing into the world of Latin American and Ballroom dancing with a consultation lesson at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Barnet, introducing her to a whole new world of dance (  She now attends group classes 5 days a week, alongside as many private lessons as she can. This is all in addition to her 3 Love to Dance classes every week!

She now performs regularly at Arthur Murray studios Spotlight evenings, as well as competing in the London International Showcase and the International Dance-O-Rama competitions in Venice and Malta! Angie is addicted to that buzz from competing and performing and loves all the glamour of dressing up.

Through dance, Angie has met amazing people from all over the world, making new friends and continuing to learn not just about dance and competitions but about herself as well. She has been so successful and Saracens Sport Foundation are very proud of her. She is now giving back to us by being a community champion for our ‘Love to Move’ programme, spreading the word to the local community, and we think she is a fantastic example of what can be achieved from just trying out a dance class!

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