Saracens - Behind the scenes on a Sarries away game with Thomas Cook Sport

Oct 09, 2018

Behind the scenes on a Sarries away game with Thomas Cook Sport

With Saracens preparing to travel to Glasgow this weekend for the opening game of the Heineken Champions Cup our Travel Partners Thomas Cook Sport went behind the scenes with the Saracens Thomas Cook Account Manager and Saracens Team Manager to find out what goes on when the team travel to away matches.

TCS Account Manager - Stuart Turnecliff

Q: What’s the trickiest part of organising travel for an entire Rugby Union team?

A: I think you constantly have to be one step ahead of the game, things can change at the drop of a hat so working proactively to ensure everything is as efficient as possible is key. We need to be in a position where if something unexpected happens, we are ready to adapt and already ahead of the game.

Q: What’s the strangest request you’ve had to accommodate as part of your role?

A: I acted as a police escort replacement on one trip in Dublin. The police escort did not turn up, so instead I ran ahead of the team bus and made sure all the closed roads and road blocks were in place. I had to remove the barriers, so the team could travel through and then replace them once the bus had passed by. We got to the stadium on time, no thanks to the police escort which never arrived!

Q: Where’s your favourite destination for a Rugby Union game?

A: Has to be, no question of a doubt, Twickenham - the home of rugby!


Saracens Team Manager – Warrick Lang

Q: Who has the most specialist requirements when travelling?

A: The players are all pretty easy, they’re good lads and they are always prepared for the task ahead. Of course, we always try to think ahead so the players don’t have to worry as much as possible, our staff are always meticulous when it comes to making sure everything is on time and ready for them.

Q: Which player is most likely to forget their passport?

A: No doubt in my mind, Titi Lamositele. There’s been more than one occasion.

Q: Which players are the most mischievous on their travels?

A: Richard Barrington and Duncan Taylor enjoy playing pranks on people on our travels. Don’t think there’s anyone on the team here at Saracens that hasn’t been on the end of one of their shenanigans. Duncan, in particular, loves scaring the life out of anyone and everyone.

Q: Which two players are inseparable when travelling as a team?

A: I’d say it’s Juan Figallo and Marcelo Bosch, these guys are thick as thieves - the Argentine connection runs deep.

Q: Who’s the most afraid of flying?

A: I’m not sure if he’s afraid but Richard Barrington genuinely cannot keep still on a plane, he’s always chatting away with the cabin crew too.

Q: Who brings the most toiletries with them on an away trip?

A: It has to be Maro Itoje, he likes to look after himself, always keeping up on his skincare regime.

Q: Which player is most likely to forget an essential? (toothbrush etc)

A: Titi Lamositele again!

Q: What’s been the most enjoyable European away trip?

A: Edinburgh in the European Cup Final. What a fantastic city and to take the top prize made it all the better - the train back to London was very enjoyable.


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