Saracens - Dance @ Wembley: Bring your Game Face!

Feb 26, 2016

Dance @ Wembley: Bring your Game Face!

It’s been an incredible week for Saracens and Pro-Excel as we began rehearsals for one of the biggest mass movement shows in British sporting history with Grammy Award Winner Foxes. Pro-Excel have designed and produced an 1100 strong mass dance show that will be performed Pre Match at the most famous stadium on earth – Wembley infront of more than 80,000 fans!

The 30 strong team lead by Creative Director and 3 time Olivier Award nominee Jason Pennycooke have travelled collectively more than 3000 miles by plane, train, car taxi and probably skateboard at some point! To work with the first 7 of 18 schools; with projects in Inverness, Camarthanshire, Sheffield, Newcastle, Berkshire, Birmingham and Telford.

Jason Pennycooke said: “It is such an honour to be working with the Pro-Excel team again and new partners Saracens on such a prestigious project. Not only is it a joy to be teaching and mentoring all the participants on the project, we are yet again breaking records. This show will smash it! All I ask is that you enjoy the project as much as I enjoy being inspired by teaching you, and on Game Day – bring your game face. As we say in the business ‘GO HARD OR GO HOME!’ @ThePennycooke.

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