Saracens - Foundation: A cheer for the School of Cheer

Jan 11, 2017

Foundation: A cheer for the School of Cheer

Saracens Sport Foundation are very excited to announce we now have THREE recognised sports under our belt.

Not only are our Rugby coaching programmes continuing to go from strength to strength, our community and competitive cheerleading teams can now say they are also a recognised sport! The provisional recognition of cheerleading as an Olympic sport gives the Saracens School of Cheer and Saracens Elite programmes hope for future development and growth of the sport.

What is competitive cheerleading?

Competitive or "All-Star" cheerleading is very different from the cheerleaders you may have seen at American football or basketball games. Competitive Cheerleading teams (all female or mixed teams) are judged on gymnastic tumbles, dance, stunts, and pyramids which is both daring and extremely physically demanding. This recognition is something the International Cheer Union have been aiming to achieve for a long time, and it’s great to see they have now received the International Olympic Committee’s provisional recognition.

You may think this is primarily an American Sport, but Team England can definitely hold their own, achieving bronze medals in the World Championships in 2016.

England's national team coach Tori Rubin says, “Competitors must be very athletic. It’s two and a half minutes of intense, energised athleticism, so of course it comes with an element of risk."

Competitive cheerleading in the UK is one of the fastest growing sports, with more and more British cheerleading programmes securing hard fought places to see their teams representing the UK at the World Championships in the international division each year.  

The great thing about competitive cheerleading is that it has levels at one through to six, so you can become an entry-level cheerleader with very little or no experience and progress and develop through to the highest and most elite level and compete at the world championships. This fits in perfectly with us here at Saracens Sport Foundation, as participants start in schools clubs, transitioning to our after school ‘School of Cheer’ teams, and then hopefully progressing to our competitive Elite Team.

Saracens Elite has a way to go until our athletes reach World Championship and Olympic standard but it’s an exciting aim for the future and the development of the sport. Keep an eye on Saracens Sport Foundation facebook and twitter to see how our teams get on in their training and competitions this year!


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