Saracens - Foundation Success Story: Meet Steven

Mar 01, 2016

Foundation Success Story: Meet Steven

Steven started his journey with Saracens in December 2013 through the award winning ‘Get Onside’ Programme based at Feltham Prison. The programme focuses on the personal development of young offenders and looks to bridge the gap for young offenders leaving prison and transitioning back into their communities. Currently there is a 69% re-offending rate for people leaving prison.

Steven joined our program having been a Gym orderly in Feltham whilst serving his sentence. From the moment he engaged with the program he bought into what was asked of him and, through the support and rapport developed with project officer Roanne Crouse, he hasn’t looked back.

Steven’s attitude quickly became to take every opportunity given to him and to do it to the best of his ability. This was highlighted in a visit that Steven had at the training ground where he jumped in between Will Fraser's sets on the bench press and to casually bench 130Kgs. On top of this he would help Roy the Kit Manager set up and pack down the sessions without having been asked.

Since Steven left Feltham prison he has excelled through tailored support that fits around his release terms. He regularly meets up with Roanne to action his post release plan and it wasn’t long after his release that Steven landed his first job. He has quickly scaled the career ladder, finding a career and job that he is passionate about and enthused to do.  

Outside of work Steven is an avid and very talented boxer where he utilises his mind set of taking every chance that come to him to do the best he possibly can. He trains 3 times a week at the gym and in between these sessions he works on his fitness.

Steven recognises the journey he has been on and at every opportunity he can he looks to give back through speaking about his experience to young people who maybe in situations that could lead to them ending up in priso or providing aspirational support to those who are in prison.

Steven is a very inspirational and charismatic young man that has taken a great opportunity to reform and to support others. Steven is one of many successful participants from the get onside programme which has an incredible 8% re-offending rate compared to the national average of 69%.

Come along to hear Steven's story on Saturday 5th March at Allianz Park at half time or for more details on the Get Onside Projects please contact 0203 675 7245


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