Saracens - Know Your Sarries - Jodie Rettie

Mar 26, 2019

Know Your Sarries - Jodie Rettie

Our latest 'Know Your Sarries' is with utility forward and Scotland international Jodie Rettie. We grabbed a quick chat with Jodie to find out a bit more about her

How old were you when you started rugby and what was your first club?

I was 16 when I started playing and my first club was Lakenham Hewett in Norwich

Rugby hero?

I think it was Richie McCaw from a young age, just seeing him and his work-rate around the field was fantastic!

What do you prefer? Putting in a big tackle or scoring a try?

I haven’t scored a try yet for Sarries so it’ll have to be a tackle!

Favourite player to watch?

Again, probably Richie McCaw. He just got away with so much!

Favourite moment on the rugby pitch?

I think when you first step on the field and then you just gain your thoughts, think about what your first job is. I think that’s probably my favourite thing.

Funniest moment on the rugby pitch?

I know it’s been mentioned by Rowan already, but it has to be Duffy falling over a tackle bag!

Warm-up song?

I go very chilled, going into the game nice and relaxed. It can be anything from Motown to something more modern

Favourite film?

Lion King

Favourite TV show?

I loved Friends growing up, obsessed with it. At the moment I love ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

Favourite band or musician?

Don’t really have one to be honest. I listen to a bit of everything

Ideal try celebration music?

Mr Brightside

Any phobias?

Spiders. Hate them, they’re the worst

Secret talents?

No, I’m quite boring actually. I can ripple my tongue but that’s it.

If you could spend the day as any animal, what would it be and why?

I’ve got two. First one is an Orca because they’re naughty and they’re cheeky and they roam around doing what they want. And the other one is an Orangutan because they’re just cute and I like a cuddle.

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