Saracens - Know your Sarries - Rowan White

Mar 13, 2019

Know your Sarries - Rowan White

Following a couple of big wins for the Saracens Women Development Team, we sat down with former England U20 player Rowan White to find out a bit more about the Saracens utility back.

How old were you when you started rugby and what was your first club?

I was seven and it was Oxford Harlequins.

Rugby hero?

Growing up I didn’t really have any female rugby heroes. When I was much younger Jason Robinson was my dad’s favourite player and I took that on and absolutely loved watching him play. When I hit 13, 14, 15 and I started getting involved in women’s rugby, Nolli Waterman was a huge player for me.

What do you prefer? Putting in a big hit or scoring a try?

Both have their merits and it depends on the situation of the game. As a full-back I’d say putting in a big try saving tackle, there’s nothing better really.

Funniest moment on the rugby pitch?

We were at DMP away and we’d just had a load of subs come on. Sophia John had come off the bench to replace Hannah Duffy in the front row and five minutes in Sophia injured her knee. We were all thinking ‘who do get on as front row replacement?’ Then we thought ‘Oh Duffy will come back on.’ As we say this we turn to the sideline and see Duffy walking backwards and trip over a tackle bag!

Favourite rugby moment?

I’d have to go for a recent one. Last year winning the Premiership was the biggest platform I’ve seen rugby played on. I was concussed and hadn’t been playing for the last few weeks but just to be a part of something so special in the history of women’s rugby was pretty cool.

Karaoke song of choice?

‘Valerie’, 100 per cent.

Favourite film?

‘The Green Mile’ is an absolute classic, let’s go for that.

Favourite TV show?

Sydney (Gregson) and I are comparing dramas at the moment and she’s got me into ‘Luther’, and I’ve got her into ‘Baptiste’. So, both of those are going strong.

Favourite band or musician?

Slightly rogue choice, but I like ‘The Hunna’.

Ideal try celebration music?

Something like ‘Ruby’ would have to be up there.

Any secret talents?

Ok… so I don’t know who snaked me out, but it says on my Saracens profile that I’m a former chess champion. Which is true but someone has snaked me out from my Under-7 days! I was Under-7 National Chess Champion, proudest achievement to date I’d say!

Any phobias?

Spiders and heights.

If you could spend the day as any animal, what would it be and why?

Probably just a really cute puppy so I could have all the attention in the world.

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