Saracens - Meet our Fab Four: Robbie’s Runners

Apr 12, 2016

Meet our Fab Four: Robbie’s Runners

Taking on the London Marathon on 24th April 2016 Saracens Sport Foundation would like to introduce the brave runners taking on this incredible challenge to raise awareness of Autism and funds for Sarrie’s Skills Club.

Introducing Robbie, who captain’s The Saracens Sport Foundation Marathon Team, will be running the London Marathon this year. Robbie has lived with autism his entire life. The severity of his autism means that his day to day life is not without challenge. He may become very angry and upset with a situation and his family and friends are vital in helping him to overcome these episodes and in helping Robbie to move forward from this. For the past couple of years Robbie has attended Saracens Sport Foundation’s Autism sports club (Sarrie’s Skills Club) where he has been able to find and pursue a new hobby in running. Robbie’s passion for running has had a hugely positive impact on his life and it has allowed him not only to make new friends and develop within himself, but it has also given him a medium with which to help control his outbreaks.

Meet Robbie’s Runners... To support Robbie raise awareness of this level of autism and the positives that can be achieved with the right support are Robbie’s running team; Owain Davies and Harry Eade (Saracens Sport Foundation staff) and David, Robbie’s Dad.

Having never taken on a Marathon themselves both Harry and Owain are experiencing pre-race nerves. In a recent chat with us Harry has explained what training for a marathon has meant for him and some of the challenges he himself has had to face along the journey;

 ‘Training for the marathon has been a rollercoaster experience. Before I began training, the biggest distance I ever ran was 5 miles therefore taking on the marathon was a big step forward. It has been very enjoyable, and at times a very challenging experience’

Owain adds that he has ‘really enjoyed training alongside Robbie’ and comments on the mental and physical struggle that the whole team and in particular Robbie’s personal journey. ‘I have seen Robbie struggle in busy environments where he has been able to control is emotions and lash out. But when Robbie runs he’s at home and exceeds beyond expectation. I am so proud of what he’s achieved already and he’s an inspiration for so many!’

Both Harry and Owain have found inspiration and motivation through the power of Robbie’s story and he has been the driving force behind their fundraising and physical efforts.

David, Robbie’s Dad who also trains alongside Robbie and will be running with him at the London Marathon says ‘It’s fantastic to see Robbie excelling alongside his peers when doing his training for the marathon. This challenge means a lot more than raising money, is allows Robbie to engage in the community and to achieve successes in a truly inclusive environment.’

The Saracens Sport Foundation are very proud of the effort and dedication Robbie and his runners have put into training and would like to wish them all the best this weekend’s challenge.

Please support their fundraising effort for such a great cause. To donate TEXT RRLM90 £3 to 70070 or




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