Saracens - Meet our Marathon Runner: Nick

Apr 11, 2017

Meet our Marathon Runner: Nick

This year the Foundation have 7 runners taking part in the London Marathon, one of our runners, Nick Perry, was happy to give us a little insight into why he decided to take on this huge challenge and support the Foundation!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I’m Nick, I’m 23 years old and I grew up just outside St Albans in Gustard Wood. I now live in Greenwich and work in Canary Wharf so all my training has been done along the banks of the River Thames – so hopefully there won’t be any unexpected surprises come the 23th April!  

 Why did you decide to run the London Marathon?

My brother ran the London Marathon a couple of years ago and from then on I always knew that I was going to run the London Marathon and thought that it is certainly something that is better to do when you’re younger rather than older! It was back in September/October I started thinking about it and then couldn’t actually find a reason not to be running this year! Once I’d decided I wanted to run, the Sarries Sport Foundation was the first charity that I approached and a week later, I was all signed up!! 

What is your predicted time?

I’m hoping to finish in around 4 hours 30 mins – this is my first marathon and I’m not a natural runner whatsoever having only previously done one 10km run a few years ago! To be honest, anything under 5 hours and I will be happy!

What made you choose Saracens Sport Foundation as your chosen charity?

Having grown up in and around St Albans, and having gone to St Albans School who share the Woolams training ground with Saracens, I’ve been a Sarries fan for about 13 years now. From Vicarage Road to Allianz Park, Sarries games have dictated weekend plans for over a decade! When thinking about which charity to run for, I had seen some videos on the Sarries website about the great work that the Foundation does and so it was an absolute no-brainer!

You’re a big Saracens fan, what is your most memorable moment?

Lyon last year! What a weekend that was!! I went down on a ‘boys trip’ with my dad and brother and will never forget such an incredible day. To finally reach the pinnacle of European club rugby and to go unbeaten throughout the tournament was just unbelievable. Although the match wasn’t a spectacle, largely due to the awful weather, the way that Faz controlled the game and kicked his goals was just extraordinary! Hopefully we can do it all again this year and end up in Edinburgh in May and do the double!


You can visit Nick’s marathon page here-

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