Saracens - Meet our Marathon Runners - Jamie Fitzpatrick

Mar 29, 2018

Meet our Marathon Runners - Jamie Fitzpatrick

There is now just over 3 weeks to go until this years London Marathon and we would like to introduce the fourth runner that is taking on this amazing challenge in aid of Saracens Sport foundation.


Jamie Fitzpatrick 


Sports Marketing


Huge follower of all sports, and have a keen urge to travel and explore new challenges.

Why have you chosen to run for Saracens Sport Foundation?:

Saracens has been a huge part of mine, many of my friends and my families lives for some time now. Over the years this has allowed me to discover the incredible work the Saracens Foundation do to help support the community, through a number of award winning initiatives.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be?:

Hitting mile 20 and having the will power to crash through ‘The Wall’ will be a huge challenge, however perhaps more importantly for me, trying to stay injury free!

What is your training routine like?:

Currently trying to squeeze in two smaller runs a week with one long run over the weekend. To try and eliminate the risk of injury through impact, I am adding in as much cross fit training as possible to my weekly routine. This varies from spinning to swimming and I can already feel the benefits of this extra aerobic training.  

How will you prepare the day before the marathon?:

The day before the marathon I am planning to go on a short three-four mile run to loosen up the muscles and help calm the inevitable nerves. I will also ensure to stay to a high carb meal and stay well-hydrated throughout the day.

Visit Jamie's donation page to find out more about why he is running the London Marathon for Saracens Sport Foundation at

We would like to thank you for your support and wish you the best of luck for the 22nd April Jamie!

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