Saracens - Meet our Marathon Runners - Ruth and Ruth

Mar 21, 2018

Meet our Marathon Runners - Ruth and Ruth

Meet Team Ruth!

This dynamic duo have been best friends since they started working together as physiotherapists and this year they are both taking on inspirational challenges. Ruth Ainley (Ruth 2) is running 2 marathons, the Paris Marathon and the London Marathon, and Ruth Kent (Ruth 1) is taking on the incredible (and slightly crazy) challenge of 3 marathons in 3 weeks. Ruth 1 will be running the Paris, Brighton and Lonson marathons!

Read moreabout what has inspired them to take on these feats.


Ruth 1 - Ruth Kent

Ruth 2 - Ruth Ainley


Ruth 1 - I used to work with Ruth2 also as a physiotherapist until I joined Saracens Sport Foundation as Health and Wellbeing manager

Ruth 2 - Respiratory Physiotherapist in London and Hertfordshire for Clear Path Physiotherapy


Ruth 1 - Errrrr beginning to think me and Ruth are the same person. I LOVE rugby and support England but not allowed to disclose my favourite club rugby team which I've been supporting since I was 9 years old. Run leader for a women's only running group in St Albans (Athena).

Ruth 2 - Watching rugby - Saracens and England, Drinking coffee. (and a bit of running).

Why have you chosen to run for Saracens Sport Foundation?:

Ruth 1 - I love what the Foundation do and I have the great privilege of coaching on the men’s health programme. Watching the guys work together and achieve goals as a team is incredible. I also love Sarries track club – running has positively impacted on their fitness but also their knowledge and social skills.

Ruth 2 - Exercise should be for everyone, but sometimes people get a bit left behind. I love that Saracens are reaching out to our local community to help everyone get fitter, healthier, and find enjoyment. Helping people with weight loss, those who might be new to exercise, who think they might be too old to start, youngsters with physical or mental challenges to overcome, no one should be left out.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be?:

Ruth 1: I thought running 3 marathons on 3 consecutive weeks was tough – until the snow hit and cancelled 2 of my long training runs. I  realised that getting to the start line would be a challenge in itself.

Ruth 2: Keeping up with my running friend and marathon buddy, Ruth 1.

Completing the longest last few training runs, they are harder than the marathons - no support or cheers or drinks stations or medals, just hard mental determination! And after feeling worn out after the first marathon in Paris, mentally gearing up for the next marathon in London 2 weeks later.

What is your training routine like?

Ruth 1: Training has consisted of running with my local running club (St Albans striders) twice a week, Athena ladies and Sarries track club on a Wednesday, parkrun on Saturday, junior parkrun on Sunday with my nephew followed by Body pump at the local gym (where Ruth2 also goes) and eating lots of crisps and chocolate as ‘recovery’.

Ruth 2: It has been a bit hampered this year with the snow and injuries; I have done more in the gym this year which I fins harder. But I have also discovered a new workout called ((Bounce)), which is perfectcross training on a trampoline, brutal cardio work, and great for the uads (Ruth 1's sister is my instructor!). And so much fun to do! But any training session ends at the coffee shop, so all good. 

How will you prepare the day before the marathon?: 

Ruth 1: The day before is often filled with nerves and excitement and an extra long nap. In Paris I intend to eat a large pizza with Ruth 2, celebrate my birthday with lots of cake before Brighton and by the time London comes, I will just be hoping my legs are ready or the best race in the world! London is my favourite marathon ever!

Ruth 2: Hunting down the biggest pizza with Ruth 1, enjoying the carbo loading, and checking my kit time and again before dreaming I have turned up late, and only have my boots to wear.

If you want to support Team Ruth, head to their donation pages to read their individual inspirational stories!

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