Saracens - Sao Paulo Saracens look to keep Taca Tupi lead this weekend

Aug 18, 2017

Sao Paulo Saracens look to keep Taca Tupi lead this weekend

Sao Paulo Saracens expect to maintain lead and get closer to the promotion in 2018 as they prepare to face Templarios this weekend.

Sarries are back on the pitch this weekend, as they face Templarios on the third round of Taca Tupi, closing the first leg of the championship in Sao Paulo city. Band Saracens lead group A with 10 points, four ahead of Templarios, this weekend’s opponent and triumph might take the club very close to the promotion to Brazilian elite in 2018.

The Templarios is the current leader of Sao Paulo state’s division A, and its 10-game winning streak was interrupted last week after losing to Pe Vermelho. Similar to Band Saracens, Templarios is known for a very strong pack, and probably will try to make their way through Sarries’s defense through their forward power.  

Sao Paulo Saracens' back line could however prove the difference between the two teams. Leando Caetano is a key player for Sarries, having scored 9 tries this season, 3 of them in the last two matches. “It’s going to be a hard battle against a team that is trying to take the lead" he said. "As usual the fans can expect relentless defensive work and ball maintenance to score a few tries. I hope to score a couple my own too."

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