Saracens - Saracens coaches visit KL Saracens in Malaysia

May 24, 2017

Saracens coaches visit KL Saracens in Malaysia

Last week saw the second Malaysia coaching visit of the season with Saracens Coach Development Manager Lewis Sones and Nick Gourlay from the Saracens Sport Foundation visiting KL Saracens.

In conjunction with the National Rugby Development Prorgamme of Malaysia the coaches travelled to four hub schools across the week supporting an outreach project a centered around coach development with fifteen coaches from the local surrounding districts in attendance at each school hub.  

Over the course of the week, the four local schools SMSS (KL City) KGV (Seremban south), SYS (North Malaysia, IPOH) and lastly the international school Epsom College Malaysia hosted the CPD series which saw 30 U14-U15 pupils receive coaching at each session alongside 15-20 coaches who observed the sessions, taking part in Q&As and also receiving an hour long class based session on coaching through games.

This was the first time a rugby CPD had been delivered in Malay schools to coaches, showing the impact KL Saracens are having in south east Asian rugby and strength of the Global network club visits.

Once again the standard of the local game was shown and every year seems to go from strength to strength; the quality of players is rising and attitude well above what we see in the UK. 

In addition to the NRDP schools CPD, every age group at the KL club itself from U7 – U18s received a coaching session over the weekend, with one of the days also focused around the coaches at KL Saracens.

Lewis Sones, one of the coaches who made the trip to Kuala Lumpur said “Every visit I have made to KL has shown what great vision and attitude the club has to developing the game in Malaysia. We have been building a great programme over the past few seasons and using the impact of the visits to drive the game further with KL Saracens being the hub of rugby in country. This was probably the most impactful visit so far and it’s starting to really show the momentum and strength of the Global Network Partnership with KL Saracens.” 


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