Saracens - Saracens Sport Foundation have launched their brand new website

Jul 19, 2018

Saracens Sport Foundation have launched their brand new website

Saracens Sport Foundation have launched their brand-new website

With this new site, they hope to let everyone know about their programmes, events and how YOU can get involved today!

Saracens Sport Foundation is the charitable arm of Saracens rugby club working within the North London and Hertfordshire community to change lives through the power of sport. Sport has the ability to make a difference in people’s lives that goes well beyond the sporting field. It can provide the platform for development of essential life skills including resilience, self-confidence, ambition, discipline. At Saracens Sport Foundation, they work to provide this platform to those who have been marginalised from society and could potentially gain the most from sport.

Programmes such as Get Onside which works in HMP Feltham YOI has been successful in changing the lives of its course participants with the reoffending rates of course graduates averaging 15%, in contrast to the national average of 69%. The success of the Get Onside programme comes from the values that are instilled in the rugby sessions from the very first day of the course. These skills are then transferable into life off the field and set a foundation to create and maximise opportunities as they are released.

The disABILITY programmes are similarly successful. Programme participants like Robbie Corker are proof that what the Foundation does, works. Robbie is a severely autistic young man who attends Sarrie’s Skills Club and Sarrie’s Track Club. Robbie’s autism means that he struggles with everyday situations and social interaction including a dislike of loud noises, crowded spaces and people he doesn’t know. He has very limited speech but has learned some phrases and can answer most questions with single words or short responses. This year, Robbie ran the London Marathon in aid of the Foundation with his father. A massive achievement, but even more than that, Robbie finished the last 10 miles of the marathon alone as his father struggled with an injury, and then made his way home to Mill Hill on arguably the busiest day of public transport in London. Running gave him the confidence to be more independent than he ever has been.

Saracens Sport Foundation thrives off the successes of their participants and is always working to improve and maximise the reach that they have in the community. They work within school curriculums, with the over 50s and with those who could benefit the most through sport.

With their new website, you are now able to go and see what other work they do and see how you can get involved!

Click here to browse their brand-new site!

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