Saracens - Saracens Support Space For Giants and March for Giants

Mar 23, 2017

Saracens Support Space For Giants and March for Giants

Saracens are proud to be supporting our charity partners Space for Giants as they launch their latest campaign March for Giants.

March for Giants is a ground-breaking four-day event using pioneering digital and gaming technology to create a virtual herd of elephants that supporters can sponsor to march around the world on giant advertising screens.  

It costs £5 to take part and to add a baby elephant to the herd in your chosen colour bearing your name or your short message. Go to or text your name to the SMS shortcode 70025. Follow the march on social media using #MarchforGiants or follow @spaceforgiants on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

It is the first time pioneering computer graphics technology used in films and games has allied with global advertising might to create a conservation charity event that circles the world from Asia to the Americas to Europe, illustrating the urgent need for a global response to the threat to Africa's elephants.

The money raised all goes to Space for Giants, a conservation charity based in Kenya working to protect Africa's remaining 380,000 elephants after a third were wiped out in just seven years. 

Poachers, mostly supplying Asian demand for ivory, have already recently killed close to 145,000 elephants across Africa: that's one killed every 25 minutes every day of every year.

"We're racing to protect as many elephants as we can from both poaching and the loss of habitat, which are massive, expanding, and urgent threats to the survival of these iconic animals in the wild," said Max Graham, Space for Giants' CEO. "It's already that serious, and it's a huge boost to have elephants at the centre of this innovative, brilliant campaign. 

"March for Giants stands tall as one of the most innovative and exciting approaches we've seen in a long time. It's global in scope, like the effort needed to combat the ivory trade. It allows individuals and companies to see that they are part of a crowd all pushing towards the same success. And it brings really compelling new visual technology to fund-raising."

March for Giants begins its global procession in Hong Kong on Thursday (MAR 23), continues in Times Square in New York later the same day, then moves to London on Friday (MAR 24) before continuing to Birmingham on Saturday, and ending in Manchester on Sunday.

The herd is already more than 1,000-strong and will continue to grow as more people get involved before the March starts. Even once it's on the move people can continue to sign up. Everyone receives images of their elephant as it joins the herd, and when it marches across giant advertising screens in Hong Kong, Times Square, and in London, Birmingham, and Manchester that they can share on social media platforms. 

London-based digital creative agency 18 Feet & Rising created March for Giants. William Thacker, its creative director, said: "We decided we needed to do something: we just couldn't ignore the headline that 'A third of all African elephants have been wiped out in the last seven years".

"Our first thought was, how could we mobilise and unite brand and public power, equally, for good? Rather than simply raise awareness, we wanted to raise funds, funds that will go some way to combating the plight of poaching in Africa."

To join Saracens in supporting March for Giants head to to add your own personalised elephant to the heard and help protect elephants’ futures.

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