Saracens - Saracens v Oyonnax Shuttle Bus Timings

Dec 17, 2015

Saracens v Oyonnax Shuttle Bus Timings

The Saracens Shuttle bus will be in operation again this weekend as Saracens take on Oyonnax, kick off 1300. Buses will run from Mill Hill East, Mill Hill Broadway and Edgware stations.

Before Match

From Mill Hill East 1040 1055 then about every 6-8 minutes until 1301

From Mill Hill Broadway 1033 1039 then about every 4-5 minutes until 1301

From Edgware 1036 1045 then about every 5-10 minutes until 1246


After Match

To Mill Hill East 1450 1454 then about every 5 minutes until 1700

To Mill Hill Broadway 1450 1453 then about every 3-6 minutes until 1700

To Edgware 1456 1505 then about every 6-8 minutes until 1700


There are no planned engineering works shown for Mill Hill Broadway or Northern Line. However it is expected for the local roads to be busier than normal due to pre-Christmas traffic, as a result we advise fans to allow a little more time than usual to get to Allianz Park. 

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