Saracens - Ticket Exchange now live for Saracens vs. Leicester Tigers

Dec 27, 2015

Ticket Exchange now live for Saracens vs. Leicester Tigers

Saracens are pleased to confirm that the fixture against Leicester Tigers on the 2nd January is now sold out. Season Ticket Holders who cannot attend the game are now able to post their tickets online for Ticket Exchange in order for them to be purchased by other fans.


To post your ticket online for Ticket Exchange please see the following instructions:

Step 1 – log into your Saracens account on the online ticket site (

Step 2 – select the Saracens vs. Leicester game from the fixture list, then click ‘view availability’ and ‘match tickets’. This should then show you your season ticket seats within the game.

Step 3 – tick the box next to any season ticket seats you wish to post for Ticket Exchange. A box will appear confirming the expiry date for the sale of your ticket (currently defaulted to 2hrs before kick-off for the game).

Step 4 – once an expiry date is confirmed you will then be asked to accept all T&Cs and then confirm the sale with the system confirming how much money you will receive if the ticket is successfully sold.

Upon completion of this process you should receive an email confirming that your ticket has been successfully posted. Should your ticket be sold you will receive a further confirmation email to this effect.


Please note that Ticket Exchange posting and resale must be done online using the E-ticketing site. It cannot be done in person or over the phone. Any money received from the successful sale of a Ticket Exchange seat will goes as a credit against your Season Ticket renewal for the 16/17 season.  


For more information about Ticket Exchange please click here or email

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