May 06, 2018


After the close of the regular Aviva Premiership season, the Big Bash took place to recognise the achievements of the players and the support of the fans.

The evening was a great success and fun was had by all, with awards deservedly given to Jackson Wray, Nick Isiekwe and Helena Rowland, amongst others.

Chairman Nigel Wray addressed the strong crowd in attendance ahead of an epic firework display which closed the ceremony, recognising that together, Saracens can go from strength to strength on and off the field.

“My ambitions for this club have never, ever been greater,” he said. “I want you all to come on this journey with us; it’s a fantastic journey and we need everyone who loves this club to come with us on it.

“Everything in life is about good people. Without good people, you cannot achieve anything; good people make things happen.

“You’ve got to care. For us as Saracens the concept of caring has gone wider. We care for our family and love our family but there is a wider family – there’s everyone (at Big Bash), people on the terraces, box holders, sponsors and it goes out into the community.

“The impact this club has had on the community has been amazing. Just a month or so ago the Borough of Barnet gave this club, our club, the Freedom of Barnet which has only been given only three or four times since the 1960s. What pleased me more than anything else is at the ceremony, the Mayor of Barnet, the leader of the Conservative party and the leader of the Labour party all said how much this club had done for the community, how much it does in the community and more importantly they said it from the heart and that’s very humbling.

“I’ve learned so much from this club. I’ve learned that dedication, hard work and humility are all among us. I’ve learned so much from the players, the young guys, and I’ve also learned from the S&C staff, the physios, and have seen the unnoticed work 24 hours a day they put in. It’s a place of dedication.

“The same dedication comes from the Saracens Sport Foundation and the young boys and girls who do astonishing work - they are touching so many people’s lives. All these people are better people than me. For me, life is about finding people that are better than you are and then supporting and backing them because you can achieve so much more.

Wray continued: “We are going to be the first club in the land – football, rugby, cricket – to start a school with the simple idea of the virtues we try to look up to – work rate, honesty, discipline and humility – are given to the youngsters at that school to give them a real chance in life and 150 of them have already enrolled for September. The Headmaster said to me the other day, ‘what a privilege to be given a chance to make a difference in people’s lives’.

“Together I believe we can create something special here that hasn’t been done before; something that’s really worthwhile and long-lasting. What does special mean? Special to me is something that is enjoyed, something that is long-lasting, something that is constantly getting better and striving for more and more. That’s special.”

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