Saracens - U9 and U10 Work Rate and Honest Festival Coming To Allianz Park This Weekend

Oct 18, 2016

U9 and U10 Work Rate and Honest Festival Coming To Allianz Park This Weekend

Following the U11/12 Land Rover Cup, our festivals now move to Allianz Park and take place on the new 4G pitch for the 2016/17 season.

On Saturday 22nd October, we host the U9/10 Work Rate and Honesty Festival with a total of 45 teams from 26 rugby clubs within the community taking part.

In line with the recent changes to age grade rugby, taking a more developmental and player centred approach, we now aim to sustain the long term uptake of the sport through the core values that underpin the sport.

With this new approach, teams will be awarded based on how they played in relation to the clubs 4 core values: Work Rate, Honesty, Discipline and Humility, instead of focusing on results and the final score of each match. For the Work Rate and Honesty festival, the focus will be on both Work Rate and Honesty as well as ‘Energy’ and ‘Side-line Culture’.

For Work Rate, our Saracens referees will be keeping a close eye on the amount of effort they put in on and off the field and how they apply this effort in both defence and attack. Honesty includes making the right decisions on the field, playing within the laws and using the correct technique in attack and defence. And with energy and side-line culture our referees will monitor the punctuality, attitude, discipline and respect of the decisions made throughout the course of the festival.

Following the U9/10 Work Rate and Honesty festival we are welcoming U7/8 teams to get stuck in before Saracens play Newcastle Falcons on the 12th November!  

For more information on the up and coming Match Day Festivals please contact Charlie Esdon on or alternatively call 0203 675 7207.


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