Jun 18, 2016


Move Like A Pro has arrived at Allianz Park and is going from strength to strength! In partnership with Premiership Rugby and Movember UK and delivered by the Saracens Sport Foundation, MLAP is a 12 week programme designed to assist and guide men aged 35-55 who are currently inactive or carrying extra weight to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health.

The ‘Move like a Pro’ course has been a great experience. To date we have covered all areas of men’s health including weight, alcohol and mental health in a relaxed environment. The course has led me back into a healthier lifestyle through small steps and I’m now exercising and enjoying it! As a group we have ‘bonded’ and it’s been fun and rewarding. The leadership team have been wonderful. If you are thinking about it, just do it!! - Peter

The Saracens home changing room provides a motivational backdrop for the lifestyle workshops before heading out onto the Allianz pitch to work on improving aerobic fitness, core strength and flexibility. Sessions include discussions and activities related to nutrition, alcohol consumption, sedentary behaviour and goal setting. So far 34 Move Like A Pro-ers have taken on the challenge and after only 6 weeks have lost a staggering 116.7kg (18st 3lbs), lost 138cm from their waist and achieved a total of 1,933,240 steps!

“Overall I have enjoyed the MLAP sessions. It’s great to be with similar people with very supportive and informative coaches. There was one low when despite all efforts the weight didn’t seem to be going but now I have seen positive progress losing over 5kg in the first 6 weeks. It has made me think about what to eat and how much and rather than counting calories and cooking special meals it is a simple process of reducing portions on certain foods and eating more fruit and veg. On long car journeys I used to snack on pies, chocolate and crisps, now I snack on cherry tomatoes, bananas and berries. I used to enjoy walking but recently never seemed to have the time, but MLAP did teach me that we are in control and so I made time to go for walks and from an average of 3500 steps per day in my first week I am now at 11000 steps and once a week do at least a 6 to 10 mile walk. I would say to anyone thinking of giving MLAP a go, do it, it’s the best thing you can do if you want to change your lifestyle in diets and exercise.” – Nigel

We will be running a new Move Like A Pro session starting in August at Allianz Park so now it’s your turn to get involved. To sign up, head to or contact for further information.


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