Saracens - Patrons Reception Update

Tags: Foundation

We were delighted to welcome over 60 patrons to our annual gathering of Patrons to celebrate the work of the Saracens Sport Foundation and importantly thank patrons for their ongoing support.

 Patrons were joined by Nigel Wray on the evening and all the guests took part in taster sessions of our newest programmes that included Otego – a Chair Based exercise activity, an Athletics session, our inclusive Sarries Track Club and Move Like a Pro; a programme that is designed for male supporters aged 35-55 who are not currently active. Guests were able to talk to delivery staff and beneficiaries of the programmes giving them a real taste of what it is like to participate on a weekly basis. 

We were also honoured to be joined by Saracens Player and Saracens Sport Foundation Trustee Jamie George and Will Fraser both of whom not only joined in all the sessions on the evening but spoke passionately about why they feel the Saracens Sport Foundation is so important to them and how humbled they are by all the work we are doing within our community.

Nick Brooking, Director of Sport at the University of Cambridge and Saracens Sport Foundation Trustee shared his passion for the work of the Foundation and most importantly he thanked our Patrons for their valued support and appealed for them to ‘spread the word’ about the work being achieved and the importance of bringing on board new patrons to ensure we can continue to build on the fantastic work that is currently being undertaken. 

Huge thanks to all of you that were able to make it on the evening and we look forward to welcoming you at future events.


For more information on becoming a patron please call the office on 020 3675 7243 or email