Saracens - Romania's Timisoara join Global Network

Apr 30, 2014

Romania's Timisoara join Global Network

Timisoara, the reigning club champions of Romania, have agreed to join the Saracens Global Network and will be known as RCM Timisoara Saracens.

Nigel Wray, Saracens chairman, said: “Romania is a country with a proud rugby history, a strong professional league and great untapped potential. We are delighted that RCM Timisoara, the most ambitious and successful club in Romania, has agreed to join our growing global network of clubs.”

The Saracens Global Network now includes Abu Dhabi Saracens, Sao Paulo Saracens, Impala Saracens Nairobi, KL Saracens, RCM Timisoara Saracens, Moscow Saracens, and Toa Saracens.

Within the terms of these multi-faceted partnerships, Saracens provides each club with coaching, strength and conditioning, community and administrative support, and offers an opportunity for at least one young player from each club to join the full time Saracens Academy.


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