Saracens - RWC2015 sale process for RWC tickets

Sep 05, 2014

RWC2015 sale process for RWC tickets

RWC2015 have announced the guidelines for purchasing tickets when they go on general sale.

Applications for tickets will open on September 12 and close on September 29, and tickets will be available for all of the 48 games at four different price categories, starting at £15 for adults. Child-priced tickets from £7 will also be available at every pool game, and the bronze final.

Customers will be able to apply for up to four tickets at every match. However, at 15 of the games customers will be able to apply for up to 15 tickets, and it will be made clear on the ticketing website which matches these are.

A ballot will be held for any games that are oversubscribed and tickets will not be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Applicants can manage their ticket application with a Match Manager tool allowing customers to apply for several matches, but cap the number they can be allocated tickets for, enabling them to limit the amount they spend.

Customers will be informed by email which tickets they have been successful in purchasing in October.

For more information visit the RWC2015 website.


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