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Sep 26, 2014

Saracens announce Charity partnerships

On the eve of Saracens' first home game of the season the club are delighted to announce their 2014/15 season charity partners.

The club will be working alongside Space for Giants, The London Playing Fields Foundation and Afrika Tikkun.

Space for Giants

Between 2011 and 2013, 100,000 African elephants were illegally killed to supply ivory to illegal markets in Asia. This blood ivory is increasingly traded by criminal cartels and is driving war and terrorism in Africa. This, combined with uncontrolled habitat loss, means that most elephant populations could disappear from the wild within a decade and the species faces extinction within our lifetimes

Our immediate goals are: 1) By 2015 the illegal killing of elephants in northern Kenya will be reduced by 90%, compared with 2011 levels; 2) By 2020 10% of Africa’s elephants will be effectively conserved across 4 priority landscapes. We are working to achieve our goals through 4 core programmes: 1) Frontline Protection; 2) Securing Habitat; 3) Minimising Costs of Living with Wildlife; and 4) Conservation Education.

Our work in Northern Kenya has contributed to a 60% decline in the illegal killing of elephants compared with 2011 levels, the creation of a new 63,000 acre wildlife refuge, where elephants will be safe forever, and a significant decline in levels of human-elephant conflict. Through our partnership with Saracens Rugby Club we hope to build on our success in North Kenya and scale up to other critical elephant ranges in Africa.

Space for Giants is governed by voluntary boards of trustees in both the UK and Africa, with day to day operations overseen by an executive team based in Kenya.

The London Playing Fields Foundation

Playing fields are where sport starts and for the gifted few they are where careers start. But had it not been for a group of visionary Victorians back in 1890 who founded the London Playing Fields Foundation, London in the 21st century would not be one of the greenest and greatest sporting cities in the world. They had the foresight to appreciate that, in protecting open space from rampant urbanisation, playing fields could become the green hearts of local neigbourhoods and play a key role in creating happier, healthier and more cohesive communities. 125 years later the Foundation’s mission to provide a place to play sport forever has not changed.

With one in three London children being obese or overweight our capital city simply cannot afford to lose those vital spaces where people can be more active and enjoy healthy lifestyles. Playing sport does so much to enrich lives. Sport is a universal language that tackles discrimination and brings bring diverse communities together and, crucially in the modern age, it has the power to inspire young people to join teams rather than gangs. But without playing fields there would be no sport and that is what makes the London Playing Fields Foundation so indispensable.

Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun provides development programmes for vulnerable children in South Africa, contributing to the creation of a new generation that is empowered to lift itself out of poverty. This is achieved by providing a broad range of child development programmes run from community centres in townships around Johannesburg and Cape Town. The programmes aim to support children in all circumstances at each stage of their development.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a South Africa which, through empowerment and education, is able to lift itself out of a spiral of poverty and disease.

The Need

Afrika Tikkun works in South African townships where disease, poverty, unemployment, lack of education and lack of healthcare are common place and young people face endless barriers to positive development and lifestyles. Their neighbourhoods are rife with crime, drugs and gangsterism. 1 in 3 people are directly affected by HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy is normal and 1.5 million children are orphans.

What we do

Our programmes reach thousands of vulnerable children every day, addressing their needs from cradle to career, as well as supporting their families. All of the programmes are aimed at creating a new generation of people that feel the pride and fulfillment that comes from being a productive citizen.


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