Saracens - Saracens Christmas Q&A

Dec 24, 2013

Saracens Christmas Q&A

With Christmas nearly upon us, we spoke to Saracens players Charlie Hodgson, George Kruis and Jackson Wray about their Christmas experiences.

Best and worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Wray: “Probably a set of Christmas knives last year that was a good present, I needed that. The worst present was probably something to do with rugby, whatever it is. It is always terrible.”

Hodgson: “Probably when I was a kid and Father Christmas brought me a snooker table. I think that is probably the best one I’ve had. Although I’m not sure how he managed to bring a snooker table to me, he left it on the landing for when I woke up in the morning. The worst is probably a pair of socks or something like that”

Kruis: “Well I constantly get I.O.U’s from my brothers which none of them have ever come through so they have got to be the worst Christmas presents. The best Christmas present was probably my first iPod, I was pretty happy about that.”

Favourite thing about Christmas

Wray: “Just having a couple of days to see family I haven’t seen in a while, travel up north, I see family I don’t get to see all year. It is usually the only time of the year I get to see them because of rugby stuff. It will be nice to get up there and spend a couple of days there.”

Hodgson: “For me now having kids it’s seeing their faces when they wake up on Christmas day, it’s the best thing.”

Kruis: “I think it is just going home and seeing the family, seeing my brothers. This year, my brother has just come back from Hong Kong so it will be nice to see him, haven’t seen him in a while. So probably spending time with family. We don’t get too much time off, we only get two days.”

Biggest Scrooge at the club?

Hodgson: “Probably Kelly Brown, because he’s from Scotland.”

Kruis: “Probably Goodey, 100%”

Most likely to wear a dodgy Christmas jumper

Wray: “Goodey, Goodey definitely”

Hodgson: “Funnily enough we had this last year. We had our Christmas party and we all wore Christmas jumpers. I can’t remember who he bought it for but Richard Wigglesworth made a horrendous jumper. He actually made it for somebody. He sewed lights on to it and everything. I think Wiggy would have to go down for the worst made”

Kruis: “Eoin Sherrif, 100%”

Can you enjoy Christmas as a rugby player?

Wray: “Yes you can but you’ve got to come in and out of it little a bit. The build up to Christmas isn’t quite the same for us. A lot of stuff closes down towards Christmas and everybody goes off but for us we’ve got to have a switch on switch off mentality and Christmas is pretty much where it is shown the most.”

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Saracens.

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